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Transformations Development - Investor Program Overview

Thank you for interest in investment opportunities in partnership with Transformations Development Enterprises, LLC. With our partners we invest in real estate secured assets using multiple strategies. Our focus is on properties that benefit nonprofit community organizations serving disadvantaged people.

The Company: Started in 2011 by David and Mary Seely TDE, LLC is an enterprise that combines business with Christian ministry to renew property and bless people. The principal business activity of the company is real estate investing using a variety strategies that meet current objectives.

Real Estate Investment: We focus on investment in suburban single family & multi-plex houses and small apartments in Washington State. Our purchase strategies utilize non-traditional funding sources such as seller financing or private lending. Each purchase contract must allow for multiple profitable outcomes for the team. We may assign the contract to another investor (wholesale). The property must be profitable utilizing a rental investment scenario. We may close on the property, then fix it up for resale or rental to a non-profit housing organization.

Non-Profit Development Partner: In 2016 our focus has become partnering with non-profits and housing ministries in meeting their facility needs. This is accomplished in coordination with Transformations Architecture and Consulting, which is David Seely’s architecture & developer services business. The Transformations Team partners with the non-profit to provide full development services. We work with them on initial facility planning, property procurement, design, permits, bid services, construction management and including ongoing property management if needed. The TDE investor team actually procures the property and profits therefrom.

Capital Funding: Each real estate transaction requires a certain amount of capital. Capital comes from the company owners, our qualified lenders, JV investing partners, sellers, and/or the non-profit’s funding sources. Investing partners participate with the mission of Transformations Development through equity investing (partnering) or debt investing (private lending). Funds lent to TDE for are secured by Deed(s) of Trust on specific real properties. The interest rate and returns are a moderate, dependable income source. Equity partners receive a share of all income and capital gain profits of the deal.

Private Lending Program: For TDE’s private lending program, the loans return simple interest at a uniform rate that varies according to market conditions, risk and terms. Interest only payments are paid quarterly after an initial holding period. The term is 7 years, or when the property is sold or refinanced. The minimum loan amount is $20,000.

Investing Program Features: Other lending program features include:

  • The loan is secured by a recorded Deed of Trust on the property selected for investment by TDE, LLC.

  • The properties are not over-leveraged.

    • On any resale property with significant remodel costs the amount borrowed from all loans will not exceed 80% of the after-improved property value (80% LTV).

    • For rental properties with low rehab costs, the maximum LTV is 85% (if the income projection warrants it). On income properties TDE also has “debt service ratio” and “capitalization rate” criteria that protect the lender’s investment.

  • No commissions and no “sales load” fees are taken out of your loan dollars. The funds you loan finance the development of the property secured by the loan and TDE operations.

  • TDE does not charge an “early withdrawal fee” should circumstances require early loan repayment. Because real estate is an illiquid asset type, TDE does reserve an extended timeframe prior to repayment for loan refinancing or sale of the property.

Investment Benefits to You: This opportunity might be for you or someone you know if:

  • You are not happy with the return you are getting on your investments or it is in a high risk investment vehicle.

  • You want a comparatively high return on a real estate loan that beats what the banks get on their mortgage loans.

  • You want your investment principal secured by a deed of trust in residential property rather than just a “paper promise.”

  • You have self-directed IRA or 401K money to invest.

  • You want to invest in projects that support humanitarian causes and positively impact the local community.

  • You want to join with a business that is making a difference in people’s lives.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this program with you in person. Contact us to set up a meeting.

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