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With Transformations Development - Transform your mission & vision into build reality.

Non-Profit Housing & Building Solutions from Concept to Completion!!

Do you need to buy, rent, move, build or remodel to expand or function effectively? Let us help.

Non-Profit Development Resource: The Transformations Team can serve as a resource to your organization to facilitate your building needs. We provide a fusion of expertise in facility planning, real estate development. architectural practice and construction management. We can support you with services that meet your needs and let you focus on serving the community of need in fulfillment of your purpose.


Start with your vision -->

1) Facility Plan                          2) Acquire Property

3) Design & Permit                  4) Construct

                          5) Manage & Operate

Architecture & Facility Planning: A licensed Architect, David Seely has expertise in all phases of building design and construction management.

  • 30 years in commercial & residential architectural practice
  • Experienced in most project types: site development, community bldgs., govt. facility, commercial, retail, single and multi-family projects.
  • Expert in facility planning to establish needs, goals and project criteria
  • Specialist in permits, code compliance and environmental reviews
  • Collaborative design and public review processes

Real Estate Investment: Transformations is a real estate investment company that merges business with faith ministry to renew property and bless people.

  • The company invests in single family homes in Washington State using a variety of deal strategies
  • In partnership with other investors we can assist with property acquisition utilizing both traditional and creative deal structures
  • Strategies involve partnerships that minimize up front cost to the non-profit or provide low interest capital funding
  • We work with real estate professionals, and as a direct investor buyer/seller of properties

Values and Integrity

Provide Property Development Services

Provide Solutions to EVERY Situation

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At Transformations Development , we are a multi-service company who loves to work with real estate investors, do land development projects and support the community with architecture services while focusing on providing you with Fast, Friendly, and Flexible service.

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