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Transformations Development is a Pacific Northwest Company - experts in housing design, real estate investing and investment services!!

Transformations Development Enterprises, LLC is a Christian real estate investment company operating in King County, Washington. Since opening in 2011, our staff has gained experience purchasing and renovating distressed properties in rural and suburban King County through foreclosure auction purchasing and with buying bank owned properties. Furthermore, we have gained experience with seller financing and with lease purchase deal structures to use in the buying and selling process. And we aren't content stopping there. We continue to expand our knowledge base and our experience into more aspects of the home buying and selling business.

What sets us apart from other companies that buy and sell residential real estate? We're in it for more than just making a buck. We care about providing a quality product that benefits everyone. Clients, their neighbors, the properties, and the neighboring properties all benefit, as do other small businesses who work with us to complete each real estate deal. Everyone gets something of value in the transaction and all get blessed with prayer coverage too. Beyond making money to pay our bills, we're also about helping to bring the kingdom of God to planet earth by transforming neighborhoods one home at a time, giving you a better place in which to live. It's win-win because everybody gains.

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